I'm proud to announce that my short film, "Breaking Night" can now be seen ONLINE @Manfred Mann's Earth Band , the band who covered "Blinded By the Light", which is featured in the film.

Director's statement: 

Music is at the core of every character that I create, as an actor. It's how I function. So, it was no surprise when stepping behind the camera for my first film/ video, that music was a key element.  I listened to our key music over and over exploring what I felt; 'the intensity of youth'. I allowed that feeling to transport me into the story. I kept the 70's time period in which the song was released and paired it with a strong relatable narrative. I fell, If this film had been made in the 70's, most likely the characters would have been all white; a different time in film/television. The actress part of 'me' wanted to see myself in this story; so I used a mixed race cast, without race being an issue.  As the result, "Breaking Night" allows admirers to take the journey visually, as well as acoustically. We shot the film in Louisiana where I had been working on HBO's "Treme".  

"Breaking Night" cast members include; Yolonda Ross (Go For Sisters, Treme)  Levi Fiehler (Fetching)  Clarke Peters (The Wire, Treme, Person of Interest)  Otto DeJean (Treme), and Keisha Bullard (American Horror Story)

The film will still be screening in festivals as it is a cinematic gem. Seeing it at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in NY made my heart drop.  The picture and sound were perfect. Can't wait for our screening in February at Mann's Chinese Theater in LA. 


Check out the film here... http://www.manfredmann.co.uk/    Email me and let me know what you think.